Easy Install

L&S Safety Solutions’ PressurePro is an easy install; we installed it on our RV and trailer in about 15 minutes. The wireless Sensors replace the valve stem caps, and the Monitor can be mounted in the dash area via the included Velcro strips. However, we chose to not even use the Velcro and simply put the Monitor to the left of the driver on the Allison key pad. Then I can pick it up anytime when I want to check the tires while driving, or my wife will also pick it up to check the tire pressures. The Monitor is powered via a cigarette lighter plug, but it can also be alternately hard wired.

We like the fact that PressurePro can be used on alternate vehicles and can easily be re-installed if we were to get a new vehicle or new tires. It is a self-install system and only takes minutes to get it up and running.  L&S’s Customer Service at 800-521-6820 is exceptional–the web site at www.TirePressureMonitor is also very easy to follow in finding answers to questions.

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