Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

An interesting statistic at www.TirePressureMonitor.com includes the fact that underinflated tires waste over 5 million gallons of fuel each day, or approximately 2 billion gallons per year in the U.S. alone! We already know that a low-pressure tire will eventually overheat, causing premature tire failure and possibly a fire or vehicle damage, but didn’t realize the monumental waste in fuel costs impacting fuel economy, which is paramount with today’s fuel prices!

A great solution to discovering low pressure tires before driving becomes unsafe is L&S’s PressurePro tire pressure monitoring system which alerts of low pressures and not only alarms, but gives the location of the problem tire. You can even check your pressures while driving down the road! We simply press a button on the Monitor to check the pressure in all of our tires before a trip, but also periodically check the pressures while driving.

It’s also interesting to note how the pressure goes up and how each tire differs in pressure.  Because the right front tire of our RV rose significantly more than the left tire, I was able to determine that the right tire was carrying a heavier load (that’s why the pressure was higher). By adjusting the cold running pressure of that tire and adding a few more pounds, I was then able to see, via the Monitor, that it now registered the same as the left tire after driving for a while. Of course, we found that an added advantage of  properly inflated tires can also lower our fuel costs!

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