PressurePro Echo Repeater

The Echo Repeater acts as an antenna

Several weeks ago, we installed an Echo Repeater for a Volvo truck which pulls a 35′ fifth wheel plus a car behind that!  (Overall length of the vehicles was 65 feet.)  This was surely a daunting task for PressurePro, so an optional Echo Repeater was installed to help boost the radio signal from the tire Sensors to the Monitor, providing much greater reception reliability.

The Repeater acts as an antenna, receiving Sensor signals, then amplifying and transmitting them via RF signal to the Monitor. The Echo Repeater was plugged into a 12v source in the 5th Wheel, and successfully boosted the signals from both the Sensors on the car and the 5th Wheel back to the Monitor located in the truck. Purchasing an Echo Repeater is recommended for use with large vehicle systems to ensure more reliable signal receptions.

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