Thanks from Nebraska

To: L&S Safety Solutions
Date: 6-23-09

Several Years ago we purchased a PressurePro system from you and have used it every mile we have towed our trailer.

In June 2009, we were traveling in Nebraska on I80 when the Monitor started beeping, warning that the left front tire of our Airstream trailer was low (54 lbs.). Since it started with 65 lbs., we knew there was a problem. I immediately pulled over to the right shoulder and drove slowly to the next exit. After stopping in a secure location, I saw a separation on the tread of the tire about 14 inches long. We called to have it changed with the spare; the damaged tire then had 39 lbs. of pressure. We replaced the tire and traveled on with only a 4 hour total delay instead of days in the repair shop, not to mention the inconvenience and additional cost.

There is no doubt in the world we would have had extensive trailer damage if the tire had started flapping around in the wheel well. I cannot see the tire from the driver seat of our truck, and would have never known about the trouble until it was too late.

I cannot say enough for the PressurePro system. The insurance deductible, the problems, and inconvenience of getting repairs would far exceed twice the price of the PressurePro. Now I can speak from experience; it works and it did save us a lot of money and time. Thanks!

Jack Carey, Nebraska

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