Updated RS232 Truck Monitor

A recent Product Update was published announcing the RS232 Truck Monitor which is a communication pathway between electronic products. PressurePro truck Monitors can now be ordered with updated RS232 communication capabilities. RS232 allows TPMS to be monitored and fed, via RS232 through a GPS type “box” in the vehicle, to an office or remote site. The Monitor can also read directly to a PDA or laptop storing the information or to a tire management system. The system provides an alert if Sensors are removed from the vehicle or if a tire is removed and taken from the vehicle.

With more and more fleets using Data Acquisition and Asset Tracking systems, PressurePro’s communication capabilities fit well as part of a total vehicle and tire management solution. Connecting the RS232 to a customer’s device is easy; Customer Service is available to assist in setting it up. RS232 communicates tire pressure readings and alerts to other products, as well as storing to a PDA or laptop for use with a tire management system.

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