PressurePro™ TPMS Joins with University of Michigan’s Solar Car Challenge

PressurePro™ is bringing added safety and performance to UM’s Solar Car Vehicle.

Harrisonville, MO USA: July 8, 2009:  Advantage PressureProTM LLC and Distributor L&S Safety Solutions LLC are proud to announce their support and sponsorship of the University of Michigan’s (UM’s) Solar Car Team. UM’s Solar Car, which will be competing in this year’s World Solar Car Challenge and will be utilizing PressurePro’s market leading Tire Pressure Monitoring Technology to ensure each driver of the proper inflation in their tires during the race.

“The Michigan Solar Car Team is excited to have PressurePro join our team as a sponsor,” said Steve Hechtman, 2009 Project Manager of UM’s Solar Car Team. “In our 1800-mile World Championship Race across Australia, even a single flat tire can mean the difference between first and second place. The PressurePro system will help our team prevent costly flats by monitoring the tire pressures of our Solar Car and support vehicles as we cross the Outback. We thank PressurePro for their support as our team hopes to bring the World Championship back to the US for the first time in over twenty years.”

UM’s Solar Car, which is powered entirely by energy from the sun, is designed solely by the University’s student-run organization to race in solar-powered vehicle competitions in North America and around the world. Dedicated to the development of alternative energy technologies, UM’s Solar Car Team is devoted to educating their community and supporters of such alternative energy programs.

“We are proud to sponsor the University of Michigan’s Solar Car,” stated Vanessa Zaroor, Marketing Director for Advantage PressurePro, LLC.  “Not only do L&S and PressurePro strive to aide advances in ‘greening’ transportation as well as supporting the further education of such advances to the public, but we want to assist and be part of a team to return the Solar Race title back to the U.S.A.”

UM’s Solar Car can be seen in action this October at the 2009 World Solar Challenge being held in Australia. The Challenge, which starts in Australian’s Northern Territory and ends in Southern Australia, consists of 3000 miles of racing over some of Australia’s vast, hot and most desolate lands.  To follow PressurePro’s travels with the University of Michigan’s Solar Car, visit

About Advantage PressurePro, LLC
Advantage PressurePro, LLC is the developer and marketer of the PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System, one of the leading aftermarket TPMS systems in the world. Involved in the TPMS industry since 1991, Advantage PressurePro has been a leader in the development and evolution of this market and technology, and remains dedicated to adding to the safety and savings of the transportation industry.

About L&S Safety Solutions LLC
L&S Safety Solutions LLC has been involved with PressurePro application sales and distribution since their initial manufacturing start-up six years ago. For PressurePro information and acquisition, visit or contact Duane Sprague at 800-521-6820 or email:

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