2009 World Solar Challenge

car1PressurePro is working with the University of Michigan on the Solar Car World Challenge; L&S Safety Solutions is a co-sponsor with Advantage PressurePro of the race. PressurePro will provide a key component for the vehicles, assisting with tire pressure information in a race with extreme road and heat conditions. This adds one more testing ground for our systems over harsh terrains and extended running periods.

The 2009 World Solar Challenge is the ultimate challenge in sustainable energy; it will be the 10th World Solar Challenge race.

The Challenge: Design and build a car capable of crossing the vast and imposing continent of Australia using only sunlight as fuel, and to prove it, in the spirit of friendly competition against others with the same goal.

Inspired by adventure and fuelled by the spirit of friendly competition, the event attracts teams from corporations, research and educational institutions around the world.

The World Solar Challenge is managed by the multi award winning South Australian Motor Sport Board.

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