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THE CAUSE: PressurePro Facts

PressurePro Facts – The Department of Transportation estimates that 37% of all tires on American roadways are under-inflated.


Under-inflated tires waste over 5.4 million gallons of fuel everyday (over 2 billion gallons each year) in the U.S. alone.

Low tire pressure is the #1 cause of tire failure and contributes to tire disintegration, heat buildup, ply separation and sidewall/casing breakdowns.

The DOT estimates that tires running properly inflated could eliminate 250 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle per year, or more than 57.5 Billion Pounds of Carbon Monoxide pollutants each year.

Under-inflated tires lead to tread separation and tire failure resulting in 40,000 accidents, 33,000 injuries, and over 650 deaths.

A difference of 10 psi in air pressure between a set of duals, literally drags the lower pressured tire 13 feet per mile.

Under-inflated tires decrease a vehicle’s average MPG by as much as 3.3%.


Heat buildup – Heat is one of the leading causes of tire failure. Low tire pressure leads to excessive heat buildup in the tire.

Fuel economy – Under-inflated tires waste over 5 million gallons of fuel each day or approximately 2 billion gallons per year in the U.S. alone.

Convenience/Safety/Savings –L&S’s PressurePro is quick, easy to use and install (no tools required). Also, it alleviates the time and effort of checking tire pressures manually.

Protection – PressurePro can alert to low pressure when you need it most: when on the road at highway speeds (and possibly in remote areas) where a tire problem could be costly & dangerous.

Savings – Properly inflated tires last longer. The Tire Industry Safety Council estimates that 50-80% of the 500 million tires being used in the U.S. are under-inflated. How about yours?

Under-inflation is the major cause of over-heating, and contributes to:

  • tire disintegration
  • ply separation
  • sidewall/tread breakdowns
  • poor tread life
  • premature tire failure
  • excessive fuel use
  • decreased road safety


PressurePro TPM Systems give you the information you need to maintain properly inflated tires, which result in significant savings and safety!


  • Monitors tires 12,343 times/day! Read your pressures anytime!
  • Increases useful tire life by informing the driver of tire under-inflations!
  • Saves fuel by informing driver of tire under-inflation!
  • Reduces the risk of a serious accident and significant property loss!
  • Offers flexibility: One system can serve, at different times, more than one vehicle combination!
  • Installs in minutes! Sensors screw onto the valve stems; the Monitor is Velcro mounted in the dashboard area.
  • Offers a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Manufactured in the USA.

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