Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Everyone knows that checking tire pressure is an appropriate safety precaution, but how many people actually check their tire pressures right before they leave each day? Even fewer people check it each time they leave a restaurant, ball game, office etc.  A tire pressure monitoring system (“TPMS”) can be crucial, as it saves you the time and hassle of checking tire pressures manually. It’s also a crucial safety item in that it can let you know BEFORE you get a flat tire by giving warning of a tire deflation so there is time to fix the tire rather than replacing one.

L&S Safety Solutions, the North American Distributor for PressurePro, offers systems for all type of vehicles, from motorcycles to vehicles with up to 64 wheels, including trucks with drop & hook capabilities. The cost is reasonable, especially when one considers that no amount of money can make up for an accident or a lost life caused by low tire pressure that can eventually lead to a blowout. In addition, if you cause an accident, your insurance rates will often sky rocket, as you will be rated as a “higher risk” driver resulting in higher premiums. Low-pressure tires account for over 80,000 accidents per year!

PressurePro alerts the operator when the tires are 12.5 and 25% below the set tire pressures, and also at a variable high pressure alert that can be adjusted by users from 10 to 45% high.  The system actually specifies the tire that is going low, and gives the position and actual pressure of that tire. In contrast, a factory TPMS requires the driver to still walk around each tire to finally find the one that was often just a few pounds under pressure.

When looking to save money on a vehicle, tires and safety products are often a good place to start. Check out the wide selection of TPMSs at http://tirepres.wwwss21.a2hosted.com.

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