Less Worry While Driving

Monitoring tires frequently is very important

There are many benefits to using the PressurePro system, including added safety, durability, and peace of mind, knowing your tires are correctly inflated. Properly inflated tires contribute to maximum performance due to better mileage and increased tire life. With PressurePro, one can check the tire pressure of their tires by reading the Monitor, located in the dash area, rather than checking them with a tire guage, thus saving time and inconvenience. Tire pressures can be checked while the vehicle is parked, or even while driving down the road. The driver will be able to get instant visual and audible alerts if their tires are reaching a low-pressure level. It is clear why most consumers will benefit from a tire pressure monitoring system which also contributes to less worry. Fixing a tire is less costly than replacing a tire and repairing any damage caused by a flat tire.

Other benefits include lowering vehicle maintenance costs which is why monitoring tires frequently is very important. With the decreasing economy and economic recession, many consumers may not have the funds or resources to keep getting maintenance done on a regular basis. Having PressurePro and checking tires for proper inflation more frequently means that tires can last a longer time since under-inflated tires have a tendency to wear out quicker. The life of a tire, including the tread, can be increased to at least 35% if they are properly inflated, roadside repairs can be decreased drastically, and fuel savings will be significant.

Some of the systems offered include the 6 Wheel Monitors for a car/small truck, as well as the 16 Wheel (RV and towed vehicle Monitors), the 34 Wheel Monitors for 5th wheels and trucks, and the Intelligent Drop & Hook Monitors for tractor/trailers. The Drop& Hook systems monitor up to 64 wheels. Motorcycle systems are also available. High heat sensors, industrial sensors and battery exchange sensors are also some of the PressurePro products offered through L&S Safety Solutions.

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