Motorcycle TPMS

The long-awaited PressurePro motorcycle TPMS version (Monitor and up to 6 Sensors to include side car etc.) is now available, giving drivers the ability to easily monitor bikes, trikes and motorcycle trailers.  Any existing alerts will be in evidence as soon as the Monitor is electrified. 

Press a button to check each tire’s air pressure. The system can alert you to low tire pressures on your motorcycle and/or side car/trailer/ATV; also shows the problem tire location and current tire pressure. Includes a built-in antenna, and the Monitor is weatherproof.

PressurePro Motorcycle Monitors can display pressures in BAR, PSI, or kPa and includes two low-pressure alert levels.

Check to order a system. The Monitor is $175 and the tire Sensors are $50 ea.

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