Truck Tire Failures

Smooth running tires assure peace of mind for truck drivers

Breakdown! The 2nd most common cause of truck tire failures accounts for 26% of commercial vehicle breakdowns. Only about 15% of tire-induced breakdowns are due to sudden tire damage; the remaining 85% start with slow leaks. However, drivers usually notice this gradual air loss too late, and do not have an accurate tire pressure guage, so more serious consequences arise.

PressurePro identifies these slow leaks and warns the driver in time–before the tire risks irreversible damage. In most cases, Pressure Pro shows it is beneficial and will pay for itself on the very first occasion a puncture is detected, also preventing further major costs or downtime. It can also be integrated into telematics and fleet or truck  management systems to enable remote tire pressure checks on fleets from the main headquarters.

Smooth running tires such as Coopers tires, in addition to a TPMS system,  assure peace of mind for drivers and passengers. The PressurePro wireless tire pressure monitoring system offers constantly monitoring of tire pressures every 7 seconds on the tractor, trailer, GM parts, coaches, buses etc.

A study of vehicle fleets has shown that every second commercial vehicle tire is driven at more than 10% under the correct inflation pressure. This results in increased rolling resistance, leading to higher fuel consumption. In fact, under-inflated tires decrease a vehicle’s average MPG by as much as 3.3%!

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