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Cold Weather Low Pressure Alerts

Are you getting numerous irritating low pressure alarms? Cold weather may be the cause of low pressure alerts on your tire pressure monitoring system.  If you see low pressure alerts, particularly in the morning, they may be caused by the colder weather. The problem can be resolved by removing the sensors for a few minutes [...]

Tire Inflation Pressure and Longer Life Tires

While reading Mark Quasius’s article about “Weighing Your RV” in my July 2014 issue of Family Motor Coaching, I was reminded of a learning experience I had a number of years ago when my motor home tires required replacement.  Many of you may also have noted that your tires’ treads show uneven wear via having [...]

Bike Tire Pressure

Under-inflation is the major cause of over-heating Bike Tire Pressure The PressurePro Motorcycle TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is now available! Bikers have long awaited a reliable TPMS for their bikes, including their side cars/trailers to alert of their present bike tire pressure. PressurePro is a wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system and is capable of monitoring [...]

Truck Tire Failures

Smooth running tires assure peace of mind for truck drivers Breakdown! The 2nd most common cause of truck tire failures accounts for 26% of commercial vehicle breakdowns. Only about 15% of tire-induced breakdowns are due to sudden tire damage; the remaining 85% start with slow leaks. However, drivers usually notice this gradual air loss too [...]


For over 18 years, interest in Tire Pressure Monitoring products have grown from TPMS for RVs and autos to light trucks, tractor/trailers, buses and heavy industrial equipment users. Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen interest in the PressurePro TPMS grow exponentially. Drivers and fleets of all types understand the significant benefits TPMS provides. The [...]

Weight and Loading Tire Tips

Long tire life and safe travel is aided by understanding your tire load rating.  Note that the pressure figure on the sidewall of an ST tire (“Special Tire” code for RVs/trailers/truck tires) designates the minimum pressure necessary to carry the maximum load.  In other words, if a tire reads “Max load single: 3000 lbs at [...]

Close Call – on a horse trailer

Saving the tire Last month, on my way to Tennessee with my truck and horse trailer, my pressure pro alarm went off for my left front truck tire. Sure enough, I had rolled over a roofing screw and was leaking air slowly. I drove straight to a tire repair place and was able to have [...]

Motorcycle TPMS

The long-awaited PressurePro motorcycle TPMS version (Monitor and up to 6 Sensors to include side car etc.) is now available, giving drivers the ability to easily monitor bikes, trikes and motorcycle trailers.  Any existing alerts will be in evidence as soon as the Monitor is electrified.  Press a button to check each tire’s air pressure. The system can alert you [...]

TPMS and Inflation

Tire inflation pressure is the number one maintenance issue that fleets face today. Low tire pressure can have a significant impact and affect on fuel efficiency. Fuel economy can drop almost 5% at 30% under inflation. For instance, if a specified inflation of 100 psi is not adhered to, and is actually 60 psi, it will reduce fuel economy [...]

I’ll Recommend You

To:  L&S Safety Solutions/PressurePro Wanted to say THANK YOU for your assistance!  That did the trick (merely replacing the sensor rubber gasket). Thank you for the customer service, willing to sell me the low-cost option to fix the problem, not the higher-cost option of buying a new sensor.  Appreciate it very much. Also just a [...]

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