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Tire Inflation Pressure and Longer Life Tires

While reading Mark Quasius’s article about “Weighing Your RV” in my July 2014 issue of Family Motor Coaching, I was reminded of a learning experience I had a number of years ago when my motor home tires required replacement.  Many of you may also have noted that your tires’ treads show uneven wear via having [...]

A Flat Tire Due to a Cat!

Can having a cat cause a flat tire? Most definitely! But thankfully, our cat was inside the RV and not outside! Within six blocks of leaving the campground, our PressurePro tire pressure monitoring device in the RV went off to alert us of a low-pressure tire on the right front tire. We immediately pulled over to [...]

Importance of Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tire Pressure Monitoring: Although many truck drivers check their tire pressures by simply thumping each tire with a heavy wooden club, it is a very inaccurate method.  While it may tell one that a tire is extremely low in pressure, it will not give you the actual pressure in the tire–and even while driving down the [...]

Tire Pressure Maintenance Tips

Tire Pressure Guages and Accuracy The importance of a good tire pressure guage is paramount. Proper care of your gauge can dramatically impact the proper care of your tires; tire pressure monitoring is also a must-do procedure to imcrease the life of your tires as well as adding to safety. The proper gauge with only a 1% swing in tolerance [...]

Important Facts About Tire Pressure Maintenance

Tire Pressure Maintenance Correct Tire Pressure Maintenance can optimize your RV or Truck tire investment by following the prescribed air pressure maintenance guidelines. Operating speed as well as ambient temperature also play a role in establishing optimal tire pressure (the best time to check cold running tire pressures is in the early morning when temperatures are cooler). [...]

Tire Safety is Spelled TPMS

Tire Safety Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) offer a multitude of advantages for RVers as well as truckers and heavy equipment users, including fuel economy, reduced maintenance, enhanced tire safety and peace of mind. The PressurePro TPMS features a main monitoring unit located inside the vehicle that alerts drivers of any drop in tire pressure, along [...]

Express Appreciation

To L&S Safety Solutions – Appreciation: I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to your company on your product. As you are aware, we recently equipped our entire fleet with Pressure Pro after testing for over 6 months. Besides the personal service and involvement (well above what we normally see), installing the [...]

Safety Aspects of Using a TPMS

TPMS Safety Aspects Be alerted of a low pressure tire BEFORE it goes flat! The safety aspects of using a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) are noteworthy, especially with regard to waste management operations. A low-pressure tire will eventually overheat, causing premature tire failure and possibly even a fire or significant vehicle damage. Drivers will experience [...]

Why is PressurePro Your Best Choice?

Why is PressurePro Your Best Choice? Durable Your best choice: The system has been tested in all types of weather conditions, and has been shocked/dropped tested to prove its durability. Accurate The tire Sensors, which replace the valve-stem caps, accurately (usually within +/- 0.5 psi) assess the air pressure in each tire 12,343 times every day, and [...]

PressurePro TPMS from L&S Safety Solutions Wins Award

Wickenburg, AZ  USA: January, 2013: PressurePro earned top honors at the 2012 MotorHome Readers’ Choice Awards. The Silver Award was announced in the January 2013 issue of MotorHome Magazine. PressurePro, known as a pioneer and ‘original’ in tire pressure monitoring technology, continues to lead the TPMS market, worldwide. Designed and manufactured in Lansing, MI at [...]

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