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Tire Safety is Spelled TPMS

Tire Safety Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) offer a multitude of advantages for RVers as well as truckers and heavy equipment users, including fuel economy, reduced maintenance, enhanced tire safety and peace of mind. The PressurePro TPMS features a main monitoring unit located inside the vehicle that alerts drivers of any drop in tire pressure, along [...]

Express Appreciation

To L&S Safety Solutions – Appreciation: I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to your company on your product. As you are aware, we recently equipped our entire fleet with Pressure Pro after testing for over 6 months. Besides the personal service and involvement (well above what we normally see), installing the [...]

Safety Aspects of Using a TPMS

TPMS Safety Aspects Be alerted of a low pressure tire BEFORE it goes flat! The safety aspects of using a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) are noteworthy, especially with regard to waste management operations. A low-pressure tire will eventually overheat, causing premature tire failure and possibly even a fire or significant vehicle damage. Drivers will experience [...]

Why is PressurePro Your Best Choice?

Why is PressurePro Your Best Choice? Durable Your best choice: The system has been tested in all types of weather conditions, and has been shocked/dropped tested to prove its durability. Accurate The tire Sensors, which replace the valve-stem caps, accurately (usually within +/- 0.5 psi) assess the air pressure in each tire 12,343 times every day, and [...]

PressurePro TPMS from L&S Safety Solutions Wins Award

Wickenburg, AZ  USA: January, 2013: PressurePro earned top honors at the 2012 MotorHome Readers’ Choice Awards. The Silver Award was announced in the January 2013 issue of MotorHome Magazine. PressurePro, known as a pioneer and ‘original’ in tire pressure monitoring technology, continues to lead the TPMS market, worldwide. Designed and manufactured in Lansing, MI at [...]

Horse Trailer Tire Safety

Horse Trailer Tire Safety When trailering horses, the condition of your tires is of prime concern. Having a horse trailer tire monitor makes it easy to check your tires, even while driving down the road! Underinflated tires can lead to a blow-out if not attended to in the early stages. And many tires disintegrate due [...]

CSA and Its Impact on Tires

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) has published its newest Comprehensive Safety Analysis program. It is important that commercial trucking fleets fully understand all of the rules and regulations of CSA that might affect a fleet’s tire program. A poor tire maintenance program will result in being penalized. Below are some of the violations and [...]

What is TPMS?

What is TPMS? TPMS is an abbreviation for “tire pressure monitoring system”, also referred to as “tpms” in lower case.  Most newer cars today have a tpms system installed on their vehicle already, but there are many uses for an aftermarket tire monitoring system, such as for RVs, towed vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment, trailers, boats, ATVs etc. (PressurePro is made to [...]

New Sensor Seal Design

New Sensor Seal Design: PressurePro has announced a new design for the rubber seal in the brass stem of their tire pressure monitor Sensor. The new Sensor Seal Design, comprised of a Valve Core Depressor and a Valve Seal “O” Ring,  is now available and ensures that the Sensor can’t be over-tighted, therefore providing a reliable and durable airtight seal. [...]

Avoid Being Stuck on the Road

Avoid being stuck: So you’re on your way to an appointment and all of a sudden you hear an explosion, you realize your steering has become very difficult, and that you have just experienced a “blow-out”. Now you realize that you will probably miss your appointment entirely because of the delay caused by your tire failure [...]

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