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SET/PROG Monitor Instructions

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Then scroll through all your tires by pressing the UP or DOWN button to read their real-time pressures–even while driving down the road!

No Tools Needed!

No tools are necessary to install PressurePro™.

Abbreviated Installation Instructions:
Refer to Full Installation Instructions to the right; click on your model. Note:  Existing previously programmed Sensor locations must be deleted prior to installing new or replacement ones. Refer to Instructions on the right of this page for the section on Deleting a Single Sensor, or Deleting All Sensors. Choose the model Monitor that you have, i.e. SET/PROG button or ON/SET buttons.

One Plug the Monitor into your cigarette lighter receptacle (or it can alternately be hard wired) and press either the round “SET” or “ON” button to initiate programming of each Sensor into the Monitor’s memory as follows:
2 Screw the first Sensor onto the valve stem location indicated by the blinking red light on your Monitor. If this is not a location where you want to install a Sensor on, press the UP button which moves the light to the next location; repeat as necessary.
3 Press & hold the ROUND button in the center of your Monitor (it will either say “SET” or “ON”) for a couple of seconds to lock that location & serial # into the Monitor’s memory. Screw the remaining Sensors on one at a time in the same manner as Steps #2 & 3.

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