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  Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System
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System Details

For RVs, trucks, trailers and towed vehicles

The finest system of its type on the market today!
L&S's PressurePro™ wireless tire pressure Monitoring system can alert to low as well as high tire pressures.

PressurePro™ has two basic components:
1.   Sensors, which are screwed onto each tire's valve stem, replacing the valve stem cap,
2.   a Monitor, which is Velcro mounted in the dashboard area.
Noteworthy facts:

The Sensors assess/read the air pressure in each tire 12,343 times every day! No other system on the market has this kind of coverage – most others only react to low pressure. Sensors assess pressures anywhere from 10 psi to 199 psi.
When the PressurePro™ Sensor detects a 12.5% drop, a low pressure signal is wirelessly transmitted to the dashboard Monitor. A flashing tire position light, as well as the flashing real-time pressure of the tire, alerts the operator to the low-pressure tire.
Should tire pressure continue to drop, a second more urgent alert is sounded when the Sensor detects a 25% drop in tire pressure.
Should tire pressure rise, an alert is sounded when the Sensor detects a 24% rise in tire pressure (factory default). The level of the alert can also be set by the individual to: OFF, 10%, 15%, 19%, 24%, 28%, 33%, 40% and 45% over the set level.
Both the Monitor and the Sensors are portable; they may be used on any other vehicle as well. See examples

Temperature Measurement - PressurePro™ can display a temperature measurement from the Sensor which displays the temperature of the interior of the Sensor to the tire management program (see below).

"Direct" Tire Pressure Monitoring - PressurePro™ is a Direct tire pressure Monitoring system, taking pressure from the tire directly (versus an indirect system which does not measure the pressure directly, such as working off ABS brakes, sensing things like noise, size of wheel etc.).  A direct system can detect small pressure losses, actually measures the pressure in each tire, and is able to detect when any or each tire is under-inflated.

We will MEET OR BEAT any other advertised, authorized dealer/distributor prices. GUARANTEED!
Tire Pressure Monitors for your RV
Actual tire pressure readings display in the LED screen (red area).
Larger image   Larger image
RV with Tow Monitor
Primary and Tow Vehicle Monitor
Displays up to 16 wheels.
Buy Now  $190.00
  Truck/Trailer Monitor
Best Monitor version for truck or 5th Wheel Towing a Car/Boat.
Displays up to 34 wheels.
Buy Now  $205.00
Tire Pressure Monitor for your Auto/Lt. Truck/SUV
Larger image
Auto/Van/Truck/SUV Monitor
Vehicle Monitor displays up to 6 wheels.
Includes dipole antennae
and 12v plug.
Buy Now  $175.00
Tire Pressure Monitor for your Commerical Truck
Larger image
Commercial Truck Monitor
Vehicle Monitor displays up to 64 wheel positions. Includes dipole antennae and 12v plug.
Buy Now  $205.00



GO GREEN with PressurePro™!

The trucking industry already knows that under inflated tires are costly, but do you really understand all the ways it is costing you?

Tires running low on pressure require more fuel to overcome rolling resistance. In effect, your truck uses more fuel and releases additional CO2 emissions, causing unnecessary pollution.

In addition, they have decreased life due to added bending and flexing of tread, adding additional tire/maintenance costs and downtime.

Further, low tires require added distances for braking and cause deteriorated handling and performance, meaning less safety for yourself and others on the road.

PressurePro™ CHECKS THEM 12,340 TIMES A DAY!


Easy Install!
Monitor can easily be mounted on the dashboard, or in any convenient location, by using the provided velcro pads. The Monitor can be powered using the 12 volt lighter receptacle power cord or hardwired into the vehicle's power system.

Included with your order!
Monitors include a 3 1/2" monopole antenna (or dipole antennae for the auto/light truck/SUV model), fused lighter accessory power cord and Velcro pads - used to install the Monitor.
Pressure Pro Wireless Sensor
Sensors - attached to each tire to measure and transmit tire pressure. Pressure readings are wirelessly sent to the Monitor.
Buy Now. $50.00 each
Larger image  

Extended battery life!
The durable and accurate wireless transmitting Sensors simply screw on to the tire's valve stem, replacing the valve stem cap. The Sensors are powered by a sealed built-in battery.

Under normal conditions, the battery will last 4-5 years. When the battery needs replacing, the small battery light on the Monitor will blink, and the low-battery depicted tire location will flash, indicating the battery is at approximately 20%.

It is time to exchange the Sensor for a new one with a new battery for the price of the battery only.

No need to re-balance your tires!
The Sensors weigh 2/3 of an ounce and do not normally require the wheels to be re-balanced.
Dealer inquires are welcomed!
We need more dealers to handle sales for this fast-moving, state-of-the-art technology, tire pressure Monitoring system! Call 800-521-6820 today!
Temperature Measurement
With use of either Industrial Monitor or any of our Monitors with RS232 - PressurePro™ can display a temperature measurement from the Sensor. The Sensor can display the temperature of the interior of the Sensor to the tire management program. When the Sensor is screwed onto the tire, it opens the dill valve in the stem and allows air from inside the tire to enter the Sensor. The measurement in the Sensor will be "relatively equivalent" to the air inside the tire. The outside (ambient) temperature will affect the temperature but not enough to be 'significant'.

The Sensor reports in increments of 20 degrees C (36 F). If the data readout from the Industrial Monitor or from the RS232 Monitor displays the #4 as the temperature, it means it is registering a reading that is between 30 & 50 degrees centigrade with 40 C (72 F) as the midpoint. If the #5 displays, range is 50 to 70 C (90 to 126 F). When the #6 displays, temperature is 70 to 90 C (126 to 194 F) and when #7 displays, temperature is 90 to 110 C (194 to 230 F) - a dangerous range for tires. If a tire displays in the 6 or 7 ranges, that tire needs to be looked at, as well as examining brakes, bearings, alignment, etc.


Power Required: 12V DC; draws 25 mA standby
Sensor Transmit Range: Approx. 100 feet
Power Cord Plug Type: USB Mini B style connector
Tire Positions: 1 thru 34 wheel positions
Operating Frequency: 433.92 MHz FM
Sensor Weight: Approx. 2/3 oz.
Sensor Battery life: 4-5 years
Sensor Pressure Range: 8-199 psi +/- 5%

PressurePro™ systems comply with Part 15,
Class B of the FCC Rules.
US Letter Patent #6,453,737
Manufactured in the USA

Testing Signal Strength in Diagnostic Mode

(Definition of "Packet": a group of numbers transmitted at one time.)

  1. Press UP or DOWN arrows to select a tire location where a Sensor is located. Monitor will display three dashes (---). Hold the ON button down until a number appears on the display, then release the button. The display will blank when you release ON, and the unit will drop out of "Programming Mode" and change to "Diagnostic Display" mode".
  2. Scroll to tire locations via the UP & DOWN arrows. The number displayed for each tire location is the current transmission Packet count (denoted by a right-hand decimal point) for that selected tire (00. to 255 - at which time it rolls over and begins again).
  3. Note: While in Diagnostic mode, entry into Programming mode and Delete functions are disabled.
  4. To get to "Signal Strength Testing": Press and hold the SET button to change the diagnostic display contents from Packet counts to the background "noise" level. While the SET button is held, 3 digits appear. The left two digits indicate the RF "noise level" the Monitor is experiencing at that time, and the right-hand digit displays "A" (meaning Ambient). This informs you how much RF interference is present at that time and location. Levels over 5 can be considered "noisy" and will make it more difficult to receive Sensor Packets. The lower the number, the less interference.
  5. Once the SET button is released, the signal-level status of the Sensor selected is displayed.
  6. In "Signal-Level Status" display mode, the left two digits give an indication of the RF signal strength level above the background "noise" level - measured during the latest packet. The right-most digit is the temperature code received from the Sensor. 0 indicates -40C; 1= -20C; 2= OC; 3= 20C; 4= 40C; 5= 60C; 6= 80C and 7= 100C (Sensor melting range).
  7. The Monitor receives transmissions from both the Sensor on the tire and from the Echo Repeater. If the transmission is from the Echo Repeater, the reading will be received as 5.C with a decimal point between the 5 and C - i.e.: if the signal is only from the Sensor transmission, it will read as 5C but if from the Echo Repeater, it will read with the decimal point.
  8. A signal strength of 1 or 2 is marginal reception and some signals will not be received. Signal strength above 4 is good. Average signal strength should be in the 5 or 6 range.
  9. The toggle sequence between Packet counts and signal level can be repeated as desired with each press of the SET button. Toggle sequence is:
    a. Packet count (decimal point).
    b. Background noise level while SET held.
    c. Sensor signal strength (no decimal point) or Repeater signal strength (second decimal point) depending which was the last signal to be received for that programmed Sensor.
    d. Background noise level while SET held.
    e. Cycle repeats.
  10. Pressing "ON" at any time cancels the Diagnostic mode and blanks the display, returning Monitor to normal operation.
Dealer/Rep Inquiries Welcomed! - Call 800-521-6820!
Get Protected NOW!

Substantial numbers of deaths and injuries could be prevented each year if all vehicles were equipped with a tire pressure Monitoring system.

...National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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