Embedded Tire Pressure Monitor Board


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PressurePro Embedded Tire Pressure Monitor Board

(Demonstration Software only)


The Embedded Tire Pressure Monitor Board integrates into electronic products to display tire pressures.

  • Designed for GPS companies to attach to the PCB boards inside their devices
  • Easily modified for configuration to multiple user devices
  • Embeds directly into customer’s receiver/transmitter
  • Standard with Top SMA and (6) Top Connecting Pins
  • Has receiver/monitoring technology; the company’s single messaging device can pick up PressurePro Sensor data and transmit it by satellite, cell or Wi-Fi to a Fleet Manager’s software
  • Can monitor up to 40 tires

Note:  The integrating partner is responsible for the software that works with it and for providing the capability to plug directly to a computer

Price: $110.00